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Updated: Feb 9

In times of uncertainty and worry, we wanted to reassure you that we’re doing all we can to ensure the cycle of avocado production and availability is strong and safe across our network.

As you know we’re incredibly proud of all our growers; all around the world we see measures in place to help keep workers safe. The teams are in touch all the time, helped by video calls even out in the most remote of places to ensure that this doesn’t beat us!

Coronavirus is clearly a global issue, leaving none of our source countries unaffected. There are lockdowns and movement restrictions in place everywhere, but the rural locations of our growers mean that our production regions haven’t so far seen high numbers of virus cases.

We’re seeing governments prioritise agricultural production and do everything they can to keep the sector moving and the crucial ports open.

At our key growers, like Cartama in Colombia, whilst new rules and regulations are being implemented to ensure the safety of staff, the morale and team spirit is stronger than ever. Workers are rallying together (at a safe distance of course!) to get through this and look out for each other.

In the UK office we’ve embraced home working to prevent our office-based staff from needing to travel to work, and new social distancing measures have been put in place along production lines, meaning that packing can continue at the same rate, but just with changes made to help us meet the guidelines and to reassure our team. We’re really proud of being ‘key workers’, needed as part of the major ongoing efforts to feed the nation with super-healthy, nutritious fresh produce Feedback has been great, particularly about how seriously people feel that their personal health and protection has been taken....

Social distancing measures in our pack-house..

In Colombia, similar rules apply, with staff practising social distancing and wearing protective clothing and masks where required. As they’re working on the land, it’s a job that can’t be left, so every day the workers get up and go to work in their effort to keep the orchards tended and the fruit on the move..

Our colleagues at Cartama are so keen to share their positivity that they’ve made this video that they hope will reach our customers. We think it really sums up the spirit of the moment.

There is only one way to beat this

Stay home, stay safe and stay well. This is the only way we will be able to beat the virus and return to normality. We’ll keep investing in the safety of our teams to help keep one of the healthiest and tastiest fruits available for consumers.

We’ll keep doing our bit, if you keep doing yours!

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